Bookworm Update

I absolutely love to read. When people say they don’t enjoy reading I become flabbergasted – reading was a first form of entertainment, of learning and knowledge, and of secrecy. A movie isn’t just filmed; a script is written and READ with multiple descriptions and devoured by the actor.

I thoroughly enjoy novels by Philippa Gregory, a fictional writer who describes the life in the courts before the Tudor era leading up to the late 1600s. I find this era most interesting and sometimes consider the only reasoning for this is simply because I was reincarnated from those days. But that is just foolish talk! I love her use of historical facts and how she puts a story line to it. Her work clearly involves much research and I applaud and admire her for that.

Her most recent book I read, titled The Red Queen was somewhat a two-part book with its opposite being The White Queen. These novels were from two different points of view that took place during what is known as The Cousins War (or the Roses War) between two factions of the Plantagenet Empire – the House of York and the House of Lancaster. I could go on for days about this era and how enjoyable it is to learn about the greed, lust and politics that went on that clearly hasn’t changed.

The Red Queen takes the side of Margaret Beaufort, heiress to the red rose of Lancaster before her cousin and current reign Henry IV dismisses her as a kindred spirit and she is shipped away to a cold castle in Wales, married to a man twice her age, quickly widowed and a mother at age fourteen to Henry Tudor (soon to be the first Tudor King). She is a huge believer in the faith and that her son is sit on the throne of England, and she will do whatever it takes to get her son there.

Reading The White Queen will take the side of Elizabeth Woodville (country girl turned Queen) and the white rose of York. This is the novel I will be reading next and am very excited to see Philippa Gregory’s take on the enemy side.

I would have to say that Philippa Gregory never ceases to satisfy my taste for a fictional/historical drama and that the books I have read by her are all ones that I would recommend to people looking for a read that isn’t as heavy or maybe meaningful as books we are offered in English courses. That doesn’t mean these books don’t have any meaning to them – the amount of things I have learned from her novels and the Western civilization are more than I’ve been taught by a history teacher.