Why must everybody refer to themselves as a victim?

They do it unintentionally, of course, but they still do it.

I scroll through tweets on my home page and it’s packed with people and how “awful” their lives are because ONE; they’ll never be able to finish this seven billion page exam, TWO; they’re so ugly “why does Jesus hate me?”, and THREE; boys will never like me (but typed out in some sad, depressing T-Swift lyrics).

And I fully understand that people have bad days, I totally get it.

And I understand that people need to rant and blah blah blah I feel all that, but I’m just so over seeing tweets on the daily about how awful their lives are and “can it get any worse!?”.

Uhh ya, pretty sure it can so let’s just re-freaking-lax on your first world problems and see a bigger picture here – YOU LIVE A GOOD LIFE, I GUARANTEE.

I’m quite an optimistic person and I tend to look at the prettier side of things, but hey there have been some pretty shitty moments in my life too. You analyze them, you learn from them and you move past them.

C’est la vie.

Why do people have to linger on the past? What does holding onto your past do for your future? Please, somebody tell me.


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