I dislike when a fellow I’m fond of knows too much about me.

I feel vulnerable and weak.

I like meeting new people because they have no idea who I am and it’s quite comical when they’re shocked about my outgoing, crazy personality. I guess my physical appearance gives off a whole different vibe.

But when you really start to like a certain someone, naturally you develop holes in one another that fill with new stories.

What frightens me most, I think, is that when this certain someone leaves they take with them everything you’ve shared.

Sometimes I wish I hadn’t shared so much information with some people. Sometimes I feel like they weren’t worthy of knowing me inside and out.

Sometimes I wonder if they became bored of me because they found out everything there is to know – there are no surprises left.

But then what if I’m speaking with fate’s true love right at this moment and I refuse to share vital things about me because of this fear?

I know I trust too many people and am far too forgiving, that there have been people who have passed through my life who should not have left without some bruising…

There is so much more to me than I could ever show or tell and I fear that one day I may give away all my secrets to someone who isn’t willing to put up with them.

Superman’s fatal weakness was kryptonite – a solid, realistic, inanimate object. Mine is losing who I am, losing my soul.


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