Dark Chocolate Covered Ginger

Haters gonna hate on me listening to Boyce Avenue’s cover of Teenage Dream. It’s the cutest and makes me wish I was sitting on a cloud dressed like a cherub.

Words cannot describe how pumped I am for tonight’s events. Gathering with my gals for some sweet seshing and Alice in Wonderland – classsssssic.

Tess just looked at me intensely and said “I am so happy” as she munched her dark chocolate covered ginger. This pretty much describes our friendship; we love endless amounts of delicious and calorie intense food.

I tell her I’ve never tried dark chocolate covered ginger and she hands me a piece.

I stare at it for a bit, smell it like I’m a dog, “What if I don’t like it?” 

Don’t worry, I’ll eat the rest!”

I bite half of the rabbit poop shaped chocolate and immediately want to regurgitate. I scurry around the room looking for my Kleenex box and spit it out while Tess almost dies of laughter, apologizing to me.

I know it’s crazy obnoxious to spit out food but this was unbearable; and I am an avid connoisseurs of edible items, so I’m pretty sure I know when I cannot handle certain foods.

Tegan walked into the room to tell us a story and she saw the chocolate pieces, asked what they were and when told the answer almost vomited therefore I am not the only crazy one for disliking dark chocolate covered ginger.

Logan just walked in the room and tried a piece of the dark chocolate covered ginger and said it tasted like black liquorice,

“Sorry, I don’t mean to be so sassy about it.”

He is now crawling across our floor to rummage through Tess’ bag of goodies she bought today for Superbowl Sunday (hashtag American problems).

Gubs, why do you have so much cereal?”

There is no solid answer other than “I just love cereal.”

Which is true, considering I have six different boxes of cereal in my room and that is quite unnecessary.

I still have remnants of the ginger in my mouth. This may have ruined chocolate for me for a couple days. I have a headache and I can’t tell if it’s because the lighting in our room kind of sucks or if it’s the ginger…


Why I Won’t Hold A Grudge

Don’t stay angry about anything for more than a week, but don’t forget what made you angry. Hold your anger out at arm’s length and look at it, as if it were a glass ball. Then add it to your glass ball collection.

-Ron Padgett

Your Stereotypical Artsy Fartsy

“To blogging!” I said as I sat down at my laptop with a freshly popped bag of popcorn to write a blog at one of the most wonderful times during a person’s life.

The popcorn always burns in the microwave and I think it’s because the platter it’s sitting on is glass and gets really hot.

*breaks for popcorn*

I always change up the amount of time the popcorn cooks: 3:00, 2:45, 2:44…

But no cigar!

We’re off to the Mandarin this evening to celebrate Logan’s 20th birthday. Note to self; must be in this exact state while at Mandarin.

Words cannot describe how excited I am for chocolate-covered strawberries.


We throw garbage away but we never really throw it away

We just think it goes away because we don’t have to deal with its final outcome.

Aladdin was a great Disney character. Definitely the most attractive.

Rilo Kiley’s Portion for Foxes is divine right now.

*thumbs up*

Eddie Veder’s voice is like silky honey though.

Mmm, ya. Yup. Eddie Veddey.

I feel like I could be a kick ass ballerina right now. Just give me a stage and some tights and let me fly!

Always heavy eyelids.

Definitely watching Peter Pan tonight.

Pinocchio is kind of a scary movie. Like when he goes to that island and gets turned into a donkey? Whassupwitdat!

SHIT YA I am watching Peter Pan tonight!

Aloooooooha Reese Peanut Butter Cups.

Santogold’s “I’m A Lady” reminds me of The Black Key’s “Everlasting light”.

That song makes me kind of miss him.

And most definitely want to have sexual relations with him.

But Thunderbird is crazy cute and I will see him at the cottage this weekend.

WOAH it is only 8:45pm!


I’m kind of upset that I exited out of Peter Pan to go and tweet something. Because now I have to reload it and who knows if it’s going to even load?

*shrugs like kids from Little Rascals: “What’s the number for 9-1-1?” “I dunno!”*

I just got really excited about watching Peter Pan and then remembered I exited it.

Like I’m actually really upset because I just want to eat my chocolate chip cookie but I can’t do that because I have to wait until Peter Pan starts!

I want to have a tea party with my stuffed animals right now like when we did when we were kids. I can’t tell if that’s a creepy thought or not. Because that actually sounds like a superb idea.

Mr. and Mrs. Darling are the cutest. Not to mention their names are George and Mary, like It’s A Wonderful Life.

Second star to the right an straight on til morning!

Peter Pan is crazy racist.

I’ll be Princes Tigerlily if someone is my Peter Pan.

Update on the chocolate chip cookie: delicious and devoured.

“Say you’re a codfish.” “I’m a codfish…” “Louder!” “I’M A CODFISH!”

Great freaking film. Absolutely wonderful. They should make music like that more often. I miss that era of music.

Lana Del Rey up in dis bitch.

Lick me up and take me like a vitamin, cause my body’s sweet like sugar venom.

Remember the guy during Frosh Week with the “The End is Nigh” poster?

You can’t make everybody happy all of the time.

*Note: this post was made during two different times and smushed together.*

The Saturday Soundtrack of Gubs

Portion for Foxes – Rilo Kiley
Nantes – Beirut
Tugboat – Galaxie 500
Penobska Oakwalk – Quilt
Paranoia in B Major – The Avett Brothers
Weekend Wars – MGMT
Blood to Gold – Boy and Bear
White Winter Hymnal – Fleet Foxes
The Nerve – The Republic Tigers
If I Had A Boat – James Vincent McMorrow
I Sing, I Swim – Seabear
I’m A Lady – Santogold
Low – Cracker
Radio – Lana Del Rey
A Machine Spiritual – Bright Eyes
Top Bunk – Gauntlet Hair
Sundriped – Com Truise
Difference is Time – Conor Oberst & The Mystic Valley Band
Myth – Beach House
Towers – Bon Iver
Heroes – David Bowie
I Will Remain – Matthew & The Atlas

Now Playing: Breakfast – EMA

I’m sitting here in my bra and leggings munching a box of Ritz cheese sandwiches and wondering why the hell my room continues to heat up like an oven when the window is wide open.

Also, Tess and I definitely need to vacuum because I just had to kill a silverfish that skimmed my toes making me stand on my chair like a fifties housewife – not embarrassed. 

Sometimes I wonder if the faculty in Winters college across from my residence can see in my room because I like to keep the curtains open. I’m almost positive a middle aged woman saw me dancing around in my underwear one time when I was really stoned after getting out of the shower. Hey, if the music’s good why are you on your ass? I choreographed some beauteous material that day and my lingerie is aways cute so I am a-okay with that. 

Tonight we’re celebrating Logan’s 20th birthday which pretty much just means the word “shmamed”. 

And I purchased a disposable camera to capture all of the awesome memories. Sometimes I wish digital cameras never came around because I was looking through my Nonna’s photo album a month ago and realized how awesome it was to have a book of memories – like old school blogging. Who is going to log onto Facebook or Tumblr in sixty years and say “Kids, look at your granny doing a kegstand!”?

I also wish people still mailed letters to each other because the intimacy is so bittersweet. 

Technology has come a long way and everything, but I don’t think we understand the meaning of patience anymore. 

I need to stop putting my hand in that Ritz box or I’m going to be pissed tonight when I have no drunchies. 



A kiss means a lot.

I feel like the meaning behind giving someone a kiss, or kissing in general, has gone out the window. To be seen kissing in public back in the 16th century was pretty much a crime. A kiss was meant to be secretive – a secret pleasure.

A kiss is meant to be given to absolutely prove someone’s feelings, like a stamp or a tattoo. You could never go around town kissing whoever you wanted to because a kiss meant you were in love.

And that’s what a kiss should still mean. Who decided kissing strangers was okay?

“I can express no kinder sign of love, than this kind kiss.” -Henry VI, Shakespeare’s King Henry

Why do you want to share one of the most precious parts of your body with everyone you fool?