Star Wars is Bangin’

The first day of 2013 was most definitely a bangin’ one.

Not to mention the fact that I went to sleep around 5:30am and woke up to my best friend next to me at 10:00am saying she had so much energy she felt like she could defeat Loki! So let’s just take into account that I had a solid four and a half hour sleep and managed to make it through a pretty packed, but chill, New Years day.

After my bestie proceeded to shake her body around my bed until the sheets tangled, we woke up, got dressed and headed out for a delicious breaky at Angels diner.

Note: Greasy food is the best food when hungover. It’s a fact.

Meeting up with my other pal we picked up his sister – who took us on an adventure around town because she wanted a Big Mac, A&W onion rings and apple pie from Harvey’s – drove back to his humble crib and watched Episodes IV, V and VI of Star Wars.

That’s right, a straight through marathon of quite possibly the greatest series created – with a slight break in between Episodes V and VI to pick up Chinese food for dinner that got devoured phenomenally fast.

What made this day so poifect was spending it with such lovely creatures that happen to be my buds. Also, watching Star Wars with people who actually understand and enjoy Star Wars just makes it that much more enjoyable.

We had multiple hilarious discussions throughout the films and even had to rewind a scene in A New Hope where a Storm Trooper bangs his head on the doorway and carries on with the rest of the army – which I cannot believe did not get cut from the film…hysterical.


– the relation between Leia and Luke to Padmei and Anikan

– what characters remain throughout all six films

– the fact that the white, furry guy in the beginning of Empire Strikes Back who kidnaps Luke looks like the abominable snowman

– how to pronounce “abominable”

– how dreamy Han Solo is

– how much of a shithead Han Solo is

– how fantastic the musical score is and that we should start a cover band, just to cover Star Wars themes

– why are the sand people so violent?

and last but not least….

– how we could build lodges in the forest and live like Ewoks

Alas, ’twas a bangin’ day and without a doubt the best New Years day I’ve ever had. I do recommend everyone tries out a Star Wars marathon. I’ll be seeing these pals again in two days to watch Episodes I, II and III.


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