Now Playing: Breakfast – EMA

I’m sitting here in my bra and leggings munching a box of Ritz cheese sandwiches and wondering why the hell my room continues to heat up like an oven when the window is wide open.

Also, Tess and I definitely need to vacuum because I just had to kill a silverfish that skimmed my toes making me stand on my chair like a fifties housewife – not embarrassed. 

Sometimes I wonder if the faculty in Winters college across from my residence can see in my room because I like to keep the curtains open. I’m almost positive a middle aged woman saw me dancing around in my underwear one time when I was really stoned after getting out of the shower. Hey, if the music’s good why are you on your ass? I choreographed some beauteous material that day and my lingerie is aways cute so I am a-okay with that. 

Tonight we’re celebrating Logan’s 20th birthday which pretty much just means the word “shmamed”. 

And I purchased a disposable camera to capture all of the awesome memories. Sometimes I wish digital cameras never came around because I was looking through my Nonna’s photo album a month ago and realized how awesome it was to have a book of memories – like old school blogging. Who is going to log onto Facebook or Tumblr in sixty years and say “Kids, look at your granny doing a kegstand!”?

I also wish people still mailed letters to each other because the intimacy is so bittersweet. 

Technology has come a long way and everything, but I don’t think we understand the meaning of patience anymore. 

I need to stop putting my hand in that Ritz box or I’m going to be pissed tonight when I have no drunchies. 



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