Organ Donations and Victoria’s Secret

I have the strangest feeling that one day I’ll die from A) purchasing too many Victoria’s Secret items or B) eating too many Ritz Cheese Sandwiches – however I don’t know how realistic the former is. Possibly from going broke and not being able to buy Ritz Cheese Sandwiches and therefore starving to death while wearing cute, lacy panties. 

Can we just imagine for a second if that’s how the forensic people found me…

“Uhh yes, the subject was discovered lifeless on her bed surrounded by cracker crumbs and underwear.” 

And at my funeral they wouldn’t be able to have an open coffin because I vowed to be sent six feet under wearing only Victoria’s Secret lingerie and lotion. 

How hilariously fantastic. 

I’ve never actually thought about how I’d want to die. Do people even think about that kind of stuff? Not that they want to die, but how they want to die? I’m pretty sure I never want to die, however ridiculous that sounds. 

Listening to She & Him right now and thinking about all of the opportunities the future holds (not just for me, but for our planet) makes me want to have the lifespan of a vampire.

I still need to sign those forms to be an organ donor, because I do want to do that but how bizarre is it that we sit around and sign forms saying we’d like you to extract our hearts and livers and eyeballs? 

It’s all for the best I suppose, I just haven’t brought myself to do it. 

I’m definitely giving my eyes away though because they’re pretty damn pretty. 


If one ever comes in contact with a Berries & Blooms, do order a Funky Monkey smoothie and graciously sip away!


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