Arctic Tundra

Receiving that text from a fellow dance mate at 7:00am saying classes were cancelled was probably the best text I’ve ever received at 7:00am. Who would have ever thought that university classes could be cancelled because of the snow?


Who would have ever thought that York University classes would be cancelled? Shouldn’t classes be cancelled when people get stabbed? Nope, just a regular occurrence people, go back to your business.

Slept in, still have a stuffy nose and a sore throat but hey, what’s a winter without a cold?

No pun intended.

Played in the snow with my friends today and felt like we were five again. I forgot how sweaty one could get by jumping and rolling around outside. Also dropped my phone at one point, which was a stupid idea bringing it out anyways, I know Mom, I know.

But alas, Heather found it and I gave her as many blessings as a non-legit Priest could. And thank the Heavens that iPhones are so sturdy because, golly gee damn, the thing works perfectly after sitting in the snow for a solid fifteen minutes.

Someone came out at one point with a bottle of Aunt Jemima maple syrup and poured it in the snow, making all of us get on our hands and knees like dogs and eat it.

Classy Canadians.

We took the lid off of a garbage bin at one point and attempted to toboggan down a slope until we got in trouble for using the garbage bin lid by a security officer.

For real though dude? Did you think we were going to just keep a garbage bin lid in our room? Do we, dressed in our sweat pants and layers of sweaters and coats, look like bad asses? We were going to return it ya ding dong.

We ventured inside, stripped into our cozy cotton onesies (Heather’s has a butt flap) and drank delicious apple cider and ate Chips Ahoy! Rainbow Cookies. 

All in all it’s been a fantastic day so far and this current playlist of Etta James, Alabama Shakes, The Rolling Stones and Dinah Washington somehow represents the crazy weather outside and makes me feel real nice and cozy sitting in my bed writing this blog. 

The wind’s picked up and I’m a little nervous about walking the twenty steps to Winters College to grab breakfast for dinner.

I wonder if the wind were to blow non stop like this for hours on end, for days on end, if it could just blow all of the snow away from here.



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