Candles and French Manicures

I have come to the realization that I have a slight obsession with candles hanging in a jar from tree branches (Figure 1.1). I spent a solid thirty minutes one day on some Martha Stewart website looking at videos of how to make them and the lady kept telling me how whimsical” these crafts were. She used a wirey thin material to hang them that she said could be purchased at any hardware store but I re-watched the video a couple times and not once did she tell me how to wrap the wirey thin material around the jar to create a stable hanging.

Staring at my hands as I’m typing this, which is odd because I usually stare at the screen while typing but I got a French manicure done yesterday so my nails look real pretty. What is it, about a person of the female species having a French manicure over a regular coloured manicure that makes her seem so much more sophisticated? Why and when did the French manicure get such a classy stereotype? I can almost guarantee that women in the 1800s were not painting their nails. And if they were then slap me silly because I’m wrong, c’est la vie.

I feel like it’s an art to be able to do a French manicure. If you’ve ever attempted one, you feel me (unless you work at a salon).

There’s another thing that I’m obsessed with: spas – facials, hair masks, bubble baths – couldn’t tell ya why. I remember when I was a kid my Mom and I would go through this one book I had of homemade facials and we would try them out. They always ended up smelling gross and being sticky, but it was so much fun spending a girly night in with Mama Bear. It was also pretty hilarious when I would make my Dad buy completely bizarre items on his next trip to the grocery store like soy sauce and vanilla essence and Greek yogurt with live cultures that would be used once for a pretty unsuccessful facial day and sit in our fridge forever after.

Don’t get me wrong, homemade facials actually do work – avocados, honey, oatmeal. They’re a bitch and they may smell a little but who the heck doesn’t like relaxing in bubble baths with edible items on your face and olive oil sliding down the back of your neck from your hair mask?

Loving the spa atmosphere so much is probably why I love candles so much too.

*Sigh* The price of beauty.

Figure 1.1


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