Hoth 24/7

I would just like to put it out there that I looked at my headphones, checking to see which one was for the right ear and which one was for the left, and still managed to put them in the wrong ears if that tells you what kind of day this is.

Pretty sure I lost half of my body in the wind today. It’s a cold one my friends and this snow is never going to end, I swear.

Just brewed some delicious homemade soup for the sister because she’s feeling under the weather, along with the weather.

*Wipes dust off of Best Sister medal*

Winter in Canada is like living on the planet Hoth for half a year.

If you don’t understand that reference you should probably get off your chair and do twenty push-ups since you obviously don’t care about exercising the brain with great films.

It’s that wet type of cold all the gosh darn time. When it’s a wet cold, it seeps right through the skin and you can feel a chill in the bones, no matter how many layers of clothes you’ve got on.

I hope no one’s out there right now being held captive by a Wampa – I’m praying for your soul.


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