Jacky Johnson & the Magic of PB

The amount of things one can create with peanut butter, bananas and chocolate is actually insane. Reese Peanut Butter cups, for example. How great are those, nay? Also, those Beavertails you can get with Nutella and banana? Or how about bananas wrapped up in a peanut butter tortilla wrap?

*Smacks lips*

This morning, I woke up groggy as heck and was all “I need my PB fix” like some twenty years sober drug addict.

First step is to put on some kick ass morning, breakfast makin’, music. Today I was feeling the Jacky Johnson.

Pop two slices of toast in the toaster – let’s go with whole grain, preferably people. Don’t even get me started on how awful white bread is for you.

While the bread is being golden-ified, prepare your toppings (for this special breakfast you will need):
– peanut butter
– honey
– one banana

When you hear the glorious sound of the toaster click, grab your edible pieces, place them on the plate and begin slathering a ridiculous amount of PB onto the bread.

Once satisfied with the peanut butter, drizzle a little bit of honey (depending on your taste buds, this shit can be sweet) in a zig-zag formation over the toast.

Next, slice the banana into round circles and place accordingly to your preference of decoration on top of the pieces of PB and honey covered toast.

Note: It is okay to not use the whole banana – the most important thing is to not feel pressured to use the whole banana. Using the whole banana can take away from the flavour of the whole meal. Just a precaution. 

Voila! There you have it folks, one delicious (and healthy) breakfast that satisfies the taste buds and fills the stomach!

Grab a glass of orange juice – and if you don’t like orange juice you just aren’t allowed to eat this meal – and sit down and enjoy your masterpiece.



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