Adios Twitteros

It hurts my legs after a while to sit crossed-legged but that’s not really what’s on my mind.

Sweater Weather has been on repeat, I may be behind in hearing about The Neighbourhood but I could really care less if you think so. The song is good – end of story. Don’t be a jerk and tell me how you knew about the song two months ago, a year ago, the 1800s, etc., because I really don’t care.

“Oh, you knew about (insert band title) before everyone else? Congratu-fucking-lations for being so gosh darn original.” 

I think that’s a solid reason as to why I just deleted my Twitter account. Well – not deleted, just refusing to log on and tweet. Deactivated to a point.

When I created the account at the beginning of grade ten I was seriously so stoked about “tweeting” whatever the heck I wanted and saying absolutely anything without caring what people thought.

It was like updating your Facebook status without having a hundred random people reading it and judging you. It doesn’t matter if you cared whether or not people were judging you, it was that you knew people were doing it – you can try and ignore that only for so long, real talk.

Than everybody gets a Twitter account and that’s pretty wicked and hilarious – people are hilarious sometimes. But then trends start happening; the way people tweet and talk, building up personas.

I guess that’s how I began to feel, like I had to keep up a certain persona I had created forever ago and I did not want to do that. I felt like Twitter had become one big sappy diary for some people and I would want to regurgitate reading their tweets (I definitely blogged about this some time ago…).

Some people think they’re oh so different from everybody else but when you join a social networking site you become a part of that world, of the media’s test.

Everybody is guilty. Accept it folks and continue tweeting.

I’m not saying that I “deactivated” my Twitter account because I’m trying to be cool and original, that I’m “fighting the system, man!”.

*Puts on circle shades, lights spliff and leans back*

I deactivated my account because sometimes I think it’s pretty awesome to go AWOL for a while. I don’t like people knowing everything about me before I’ve met them, where’s the surprise in that?

I also want to punch myself in the throat for every time I see a tweet about someone absolutely hating their lives. You should probably get off the internet – considering social networking has become a number one fault for depression – and see a doctor, because I can guarantee that people reading that tweet are not going to A) feel sympathy and B) want to help you. If you need to vent, I suggest getting a blog. If you tweet that shit because you’re looking for sympathy (and a little attention) you should seek some help my friend.

*Takes deep breath*

This rant has gotten a little off path and it smells like someone just passed gas in my room when I’m the only one in here. Can spirits pass gas? That’s kind of a jerk thing to do.


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