Major Rant Coming Through

It really bothers me that there are still people in the world that tend to act like they’re permanently stuck in grade ten. Not in the funny way either – not that there ever really could be a “funny” way. But in the way that makes you want to punch yourself several times in the face because they’ll never grow up.

It also really bothers me when people are ridiculously rude and play it off as something funny.

Uhh, nope, pretty sure you saying the shirt I’m wearing is stupid/baggy/ugly and then playing it off like it’s some joke or I’m the one over reacting is nonsense.

How about I cut your balls off and then see how you react when I tell you to calm down multiple times because it’s “just a joke, dude!”?

Seriously, though. Seriously. It’s not even funny anymore. And the awful thing about it is that these “jokes” are still going around and I don’t understand how these people have not been crucified. Give me some nails and wood, please.

You’re a five year old. The epitome of flakey. I really don’t understand how we were ever pals or how I ever could have slept with you. I really should have taken those rose-coloured glasses off earlier. But hey, thanks anyway for making me out as a dumbass. Muchos appreciation my friend.


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