The Gubs Scent

People are always telling me how fantastic I smell and I figured, why the heck can’t everyone smell like me? I’m not trying to be vain here, but I’m also not as modest as the Virgin Mary. I feel like everyone should take pride in a little bit of themselves and hellz to the yes do I take pride in how great I smell from the comments I’ve received. So if one day you just decide you want to smell like Gubs, here’s what you’ve gotta do kids:

– I usually just use some simple Dove products when I shampoo my hair, preferably the ones that make your locks extra soft.

– St. Ives body wash is something that I swear by – any type, any scent, they are all spectacular.

– Deodorant (this one is for my girl Emily Litster); I had a whole crew of pals in grade eleven during musical rehearsals that would ask to use my deodorant because it smelled that awesome. I’ll usually purchase a Degree brand deo because they carry fresh scents and don’t leave icky, white marks on your shirt.

– I’m a huge sucker for body lotion because I can’t stand the feeling of dry skin or cracking, bloody knuckles and chapped lips SO I tend to use Bath and Body Works products in the scent categories of vanilla and japanese cherry blossom. However, there was this one product that LaSenza sells and it’s in a blue container with swirls and sparkles and all that fun stuff, needless to say I am obsessed with it but I couldn’t tell you the exact scent, many apologies.

– I usually use a Tresemme hair product after the shower because this beast gets real wild and frizzy, but I’ve started using a more oily one that my handy dandy hairdresser recommended called Orofluido that smells fuh-reaking unreal and does wonders to the hair.

– Last but not least, the scent I get most compliments on would be my perfume: Chloe. Not Khloe Kardashian, just plain ol’ Chloe. I got it for Christmas two years ago when we were in NYC and I’d say for every five trips I take in public, I’ll get four compliments – it’s that kick ass.

If you couldn’t already tell, I like things that smell pretty and feminine – except for men. Men, please smell as manly and sexy as you can because that shit est tres chaude. I can’t stand smelly, gross feet or the smell of rotting garbage in the fourth floor girls bathroom at my residence. I thank my weak stomach for that.

I may not be a high maintenance kind of girl but a person’s odour is definitely something to be high maintenance about.


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