This may just make me want to get my Twitter back…

Original Prep

Tweeting is not for the faint-hearted. There’s a lot of types of tweets out there: inside jokes, quotes, song lyrics, happy tweets and sad tweets. These nine bullet points should be a guiding light for the unsure, newbies and just plain lost tweeters.

1. Think of something hilarious and witty that you know will generate a ton of favourites and retweets. Retweeting is gold in the twitterverse: your thought has been humorous enough that someone else just had to retweet it because it’s that good. Brownie points if it’s a big corporation, a band you love or your sibling’s friend who you don’t even know but has so clearly been inspired by you. Bitches love being retweeted.

2. Be concise. Remember, the twitter gods have given us tweeters a 140 character limit. Use it wisely. The best tweets can be made in less than this limit, reaching 140 means…

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