It’s a Blacked Out Blur

Can we just talk about last night for a second? Because I can’t recall half of the evening’s events but I’m positive it was an absolute riot. Also, the fact that today is only Saturday is really the cherry on top of the sundae. I plan on staying in tonight to do laundry and my readings for this week even though I’ll be hearing crazy amounts of fun out in the quad and echoing from the Absinthe. I’ve been there for the past three nights so I think it’s okay if I slack. 

I’m pretty sure we danced and drank in Heather’s room for quite some time because I remember belting Lady Marmalade for shits n gigs. We then proceeded to the Ab and definitely drank and danced in there because they had awesome tunes playing. Happy birthday Heather, love you girl. 

However waking up this morning at 8:30 to be ready to film at 8:45 was a slight joke. Threw on the dress and tights I had to wear, along with last night’s make up (egkkk), and headed down to meet Heather. 

Yes, of course we were still shmamed. That’s how the best films get made. 

Unfortunately I was not prepared mentally or physically for the amount of snow I had to step in and dance in and lie down in at one point. My body was frozen, right down to my foot phalanges.

I hope the film turns out great, I love knowing film students. I love my school.

We walked back to Winters College Grillworks after shooting for three and a half hours straight in the cold to get a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich with hashbrowns and chocolate milk, if that tells you what kind of day this is. I showered, scrubbing my arms clean from the ink water that had gotten all over me with my blue loofah (because loofahs are the bomb diggity).

I crawled into bed and slept, always having absurd dreams, and voila! here we are folks – eating Chinese food and listening to She & Him like I so desperately wanted to and it is as grand as I dreamed it would be. 

It’s just like you told me it’d be; it’s nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing at all.


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