Top 10 Things I’ll Always Remember from Living at Winters Residence

1. That time the pipes stopped working in the building and we went two days without running water (including flushing toilets and showers – whaddup feces).

2. Every time my room mate got drunk.

3. All hang outs that have taken place at the Absinthe Pub.

4. That time we smoked a bowl in the quad because the weather was gorgeous and we were “ten feet away from the residence doors”.

5. The Potty Papers every month, thank you for giving me something to read while doing my business.

6. That time we unknowingly left the camera going, creating a twelve minute video of us stoned kids after Nuit Blanche.

7. The endless amounts of singing and instrument playing.

8. When my Don bought my friends and I two pitchers of beer for my birthday.

9. The cute boy on second floor who has hair like some Greek god.

10. JP and Will having rap battles in the quad at 2am almost every night.


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