Is it considered “douche-baggy” of a person to not want to hang out with their ex-boyfriend?

Rethinking that question and wondering why anyone would ever willingly want to hang out with an ex but, as a very amiable human being, I consider friendship a tad important in life.

Or, perhaps I just consider closure and amends a tad important in life.

The fact that I had to text my ex and ask if he was picking me up or if I had to come and get him – in which case I was hoping it would be the former – and knowingly received his answer to be *ding ding* the latter, just proves that nothing has changed about him.

Maybe things have. I shouldn’t be so harsh. However I’d expect the dude who I can only assume still has mad feelings for me to be a gentleman and drive his old, mucked up early 2000s van over to my place.

Did I mention his answer, in exact wording, was “Want to pick me up?”?

“Want” = that’s the first problem right there and coincidently the first word.

“To pick me up” = NO? I’m pretty sure I’m regretting this whole idea in the first place.

Again, I restate my original question that I began this post with: Is it considered “douche-baggy” of a person to not want to hang out with their ex-boyfriend?

Because I’m feeling rather douche-baggy about being a douche bag. And possibly about the fact that I’m not too certain whether “douche bag” is two words or one.

I’m just getting this whole shitty vibe from him that pretty much presents itself as “I don’t really know what I want in life. I just want to play in my band, man.”

You’re twenty.

As young as that is I feel like you should have some idea about where you want your life to be headed. Sitting around on your ass and playing your music will soon turn into you sitting around on your ass and playing your music in your forties because you have zero self-discipline or any sense of will to push yourself and try new things.

Being too comfortable in one position won’t allow a person to learn and grow.

I also extremely dislike surrounding myself with people that are not knowledgable and pretend to be.

And for the encore, ladies and gentlemen, I restate my original query with a slight realization I have come to over these past couple of thoughts: Am I just being a douche bag?